3D Multimedia Animation

We make your dreams come to life in the digital realm through the use of different kinds of digital and multimedia platforms to achieve the best possible multimedia output for your needs. But our goal does not stop there. At Coolboys Entertainment our professional staff will also guide you throughout the whole process of choosing and deciding on the different elements of your particular project by going through other areas which you may have not thought of during the conception of your ideas.

We take care of the important details which will lead to the success of your project. Coolboys Entertainment recognizes the importance of open discussions and detailed planning. Listening to your needs and planning it out is one of our best qualities. Even your tiniest idea is considered and planned out.

Make your ideas become a reality

Depending on your needs this is usually how your ideas become a reality.

  1. Everything starts from your IDEA.
  2. Upon contacting us, we will set a consultative meeting where you tell us about your ideas and we inject creativity and other ideas that will support the overall product.
  3. ur team will then proceed crating character designs and model sheets. Most of these will start as sketches
  4. 2D/3D concepts will then be created and generated
  5. At this juncture several meetings will be scheduled for more creative consultation
  6. Modelling the concepts
  7. Rigging the models
  8. Adding Texture and shading
  9. At this juncture animation planning will take place followed by
  10. Keyframing 3d animation
  11. Lighting
  12. Rendering
  13. Adding 2D-3D effects
  14. Compositing

Right services for specific purpose

At times you may just need our services as a complementary support to projects you may have been running already. Coolboys Entertainment has a very wide array of multimedia that will suit your needs. From simple sketches, to complicated 3D animation and video editing, we have the right product for you.

Depending on your needs this is usually how your ideas become a reality.

2D Services


Coolboys Entertainment has very extensive experience that can draw every ounce of detail from your conceived ideas. We present your ideas in sketches and from there, build it up to your expected standards. Depending on your project needs, our 2D services also include the following:

  1. Sketch
  2. Lineart
  3. Colored
  4. Drawing videos
  5. Comic/manga
  6. Designs
  7. Sprites
  8. 2D animation

Please check our gallery for samples of our work.

3D Services


From sketches and concepts, we move on to 3D. Using the best software in the market today, and world class skill, our 3D services are top notch bringing your ideas to life. Coolboys Entertainment do not cut corners. We make sure we bring out the very best in our product with results you will be proud of.

Our 3D services include the following:

  1. 3D modelling
  2. Rigging
  3. Animation
  4. Game Animation

We have provided videos for your reference.

Video Editing and Games


Churning ideas and making them into a reality is no easy task but Coolboys is always up to the challenge. Aspiring creators and producers can be assured of high quality standards that do not disappoint and it just gets better. Our specialization in the multimedia can bring confidence to the ideas and aspirations of those willing to take the plunge.